Joseph Conrad


The Joseph Conrad Foundation's (JCF's) National Editor for Poland,
Dr. hab. Krystyna Kujawinska-Courtney, Director
of The British Research and Commonwealth Studies Centre (BRCSC)
at the University of Lodz (pronounced "Woodge") -
(if you have seen the film "Schindler's List" you already know the city)
in central Poland


to submit papers for the BRCSC'S fifth international conference.

The theme of the conference is British and Commonwealth contributions to world civilization at the local and global levels.

The JCF is planning to sponsor a Conrad Evening at the conference with the presentation of your papers on Conrad's contribution to the conference theme, the showing of the 1936 and 1998 film versions of "The Secret Agent," some interesting Conradian door prizes and, of course, lots of food, drink and Conradian camaraderie.

The paper read at the 1998 conference was "Joseph Conrad and Britain's Dream of Empire" by Carl Trocki of the University of Queensland, Australia.

His paper will appear in Conrad Concepts and be reprinted in the special Conrad issue of RuBriCa, the international interdisciplinary journal edited by Dr. Vladimir M. Bychenkov of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Moscow, the JCF's National Editor for Russia.

Those wishing to present papers or conduct workshops are asked to send a two page double spaced abstract before 1 June 1999. All conference activities will take place in the university's first class Conference Centre which includes participant housing.

Those interested in receiving a personal invitation to the 26-29 September 1999 conference should contact:

Prof. Kujawinska-Courtney
Telephone (048) 042-633-7127
Fax (048) 042-633-8890

or write to her at the

British Research and Commonwealth Studies Centre (BRCSC)
University of Lodz
Pl. Wolnosci 2, 91-415
Lodz, Poland.

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